Including the use of bright colors .. 9 tips to enhance memory in children

Acquisition and development of a healthy memory is an important component of children’s development. All abilities to remember and perform tasks are related to memory. According to the Times of India, experts recommend following 9 important tips to boost memory in children, as follows:

1. Make learning fun

Encourage your child’s interest in studying by reading books on different subjects and visiting the library.

2. Make mind maps

Create a mind map of the different ideas and how they relate to each other. Making connections between words and subjects encourages children to develop better knowledge, which is an important aspect of memory.

3. Exercise

Exercising is another good habit that should be part of the child’s daily schedule. The earlier children develop the habit of daily exercise, the better they will improve their memory.

4. Encourage reading actively

Taking notes and underlining or highlighting words helps children retain information for a long time.

5. Use patterns as much as possible

Helping your child use patterns is another way to improve their memory, from learning the alphabet to classifying things.

6. Take mental breaks

After concentrating on the lessons for a while, it is essential that the child takes a mental break. In order to absorb new knowledge efficiently, the brain needs to replenish energy.

7. Balanced feeding system

A well-balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein is important for children’s brain health.

8. Limit screen time

Excessive screen time, especially in combination with passive activities like watching TV or playing video games, can stunt memory and cognitive development.

9. Use bright colors

Using bright colors while teaching children is another tool to make sure that the information stays in their minds for a longer period of time.

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