Russia is focusing its efforts on preventing our advance

With the continuation of the counterattack launched by Kiev weeks ago to repel the Russian forces, he confirmed Ukrainian army His fight continues.

The General Staff stated in a statement today, Sunday, that the fierce fighting continues in the directions of Bakhmut, Marinka and Liman, with 46 clashes within 24 hours.

missile attacks

She also stressed that Russia is focusing its efforts to prevent the advance of the Ukrainian forces, especially in Kherson and Zaporizhia, pointing out that it has bombed about 30 settlements with artillery.

It also indicated that the Russian forces launched a large-scale missile and air attack with 27 air strikes, and 80 attacks from missile systems targeting populated military and civilian sites, according to its claim.

Earlier today, the capital, Kiev, witnessed a massive attack by drones, the first in 12 days, but the air defense systems were able to repel it.

It is noteworthy that Kiev had launched a counterattack a few weeks ago after a delay of several months, but this attack did not come as far as Western aspirations and estimates. More than one Western official from Ukraine’s allied countries, led by the United States, indicated that this attack did not achieve its goals and is still slow.

While Kiev confirmed that its attack still hides many plans and capabilities, stressing that what is to come is greater.

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