She went to her mother, and a corpse was returned. A sexual assault on a child shocked Lebanon

A state of sadness and shock descended on the Akkar region in northern Lebanon yesterday during the funeral of the six-year-old girl Lynn Talib.

That little girl died shockingly, after she returned to her mother’s arms during Eid al-Adha, and spent 8 days with her in her grandparents’ house.

After the end of the Eid holiday, the mother took her daughter to a hospital in the region, due to her high temperature, but she later returned her home, according to local media.

repeated assault

However, the condition of the little girl apparently deteriorated again, and she was transferred again to Al-Minya Governmental Hospital, but she soon died.

Between two separate forensic medical reports, she was exposed to repeated sexual assault Just before her death.

One of the two reports indicated that the girl had bruises on her face and swollen lips, after she was sexually assaulted. What constituted a shock among the Lebanese, especially since the little girl did not exceed six years.

The Ministry of Public Health stated that the child was transferred twice to Al-Minya Hospital, adding that the Directorate of Medical Care in the Ministry had initiated the necessary investigation into the circumstances of the death with those concerned to clarify its causes.

She also made it clear that she would deposit all her data with the competent judiciary.

For its part, the family of Lynn’s father, who separated from her mother, and who filed a lawsuit against the mother’s family, demanded that the judicial investigations be pursued until the truth is revealed.

While calls poured in on communication sites to officials and the judiciary to find the “criminal”, amid calls for tougher penalties for child molesters, especially since these cases have become frequent recently.

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