The suburban revolution in France… a similar riot broke out in 2005

she restored The current unrest in France Recall riots that broke out across the country over three weeks in 2005, and forced then-president Jacques Chirac to declare a state of emergency after the death of two young men electrocuted at a power station while they were hiding from the police.

The suburban riots began on the afternoon of 27 October 2005, when nine teenagers were returning from attending a football match in Chine-Pointo, in Clichy-sous-Bois, in the Seine-Saint-Denis department.

On their return, they crossed one of the gardens in the city and approached a site where construction work was taking place. One of the guards noticed their arrival, and he only informed the police because he suspected that they intended to steal.

With the arrival of the police, the teenagers fled quickly, but 3 of them took refuge in a nearby electric power station, according to a report previously published by French Radio Monte Carlo.

Two teenagers were electrocuted

In addition, the three teenagers, Bona Traoré, 15 years old, Ziad Al-Banna and Mohitan Altoun, 17, entered the vicinity of the station. Moments later, an electric spark of 20,000 volts was seen that shocked Traore and Bina, killing them instantly, while the third suffered burns that consumed 10% of his body. his body before returning to his city.

After that, violence began the same night in Clichy-sous-Bois, where young protesters burned 23 cars and attacked the police and fire engines that came to put out the flames.

It was the start of 3 weeks of violence in what some have described as the “civil war” in France.

On the anniversary of the death of teenagers in France 2015 (AFP)

On October 30, during the mutual clashes, a tear gas bomb fired by the police fell in one of the mosques in the city, causing great damage and causing an uproar among the Muslim residents of the suburb.

extension of violence

This incident announced the moment the violence spread to neighboring towns, and the outcome was on November 1 hundreds of cars were burned in four French provinces.

On November 2 and 3, the nightly violence spread to the outskirts of large French cities, announcing that the events had spread to the entire national territory.

After 3 weeks of unprecedented violence, the result was the burning of 10,000 cars, the destruction or damage to 300 buildings, the issuance of habeas corpus warrants against 600 people, in addition to the arrest of 1,300 others.

From the events of France 2005 (Reuters)

From the events of France 2005 (Reuters)

On March 16, 2005, the trial of two police officers began in the French city of Rennes. The first was accused of negligence and failure to prevent the teenagers from approaching the power station, where they lost their lives, even though he had seen them and was aware of the dangers they might be exposed to.

In addition to the second policeman who was present in the control room at the station and who did not inform the electricity company to try to prevent the tragedy.

Despite the judicial action against them, the court issued its decision on May 18, 2005 to acquit the two accused policemen.

case of emergency

On November 7 of the same year, French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin declared a state of emergency in certain regions of the country, which particularly includes a curfew.

De Villepin also held a meeting with the imam of the Paris mosque, head of the French Council for the Islamic Religion, Dalil Bou Bakr, to ask for help in calming souls and urging Muslims to refrain from participating in acts of violence.

After that, the Federation of Islamic Organizations in France issued a fatwa prohibiting participation in acts of violence and carrying out any action that harms public and private property or that threatens the lives of others.

From the events of France 2005 (Reuters)

From the events of France 2005 (Reuters)

mention that Recent events in France It came after the killing of the 17-year-old, Nael Marzouk, by police bullets, in Nanterre, a suburb of the capital, Paris, which ignited a wave of anger and riots carried out by young men.

The French Interior Ministry said on Twitter that the police arrested 1,311 people on Friday night, compared to 875 the night before, noting that about 200 people were arrested across the country on Saturday.

Local authorities across the country declared a ban on demonstrations and ordered public transport to stop operating in the evening.

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