A Brotherhood leader admits: I conspired in favor of Western countries

After leaving Türkiye, the Egyptian journalist Hossam Al-Ghamry, who was a loyalist, revealed for the Muslim Brotherhoodfor important information about their leaders communicating on behalf of the intelligence of Western countries.

He said, during a video broadcast on his page on Sunday evening, that the group’s leaders held a meeting in Istanbul years ago, which was attended by Ibrahim Munir, the group’s general guide at the time and leader of the London front, and Mahmoud Hussein, the group’s secretary-general at the time and leader of the Istanbul front, before differences aggravated between them and defections occurred.

public confession

The meeting was also attended by 8 other leaders, in which they discussed the role of Muhammad Kamal, the leader of the specific armed committees of the group in Egypt, as there were two opinions about his role and the nature of the violent operations he carries out against the Egyptian state on behalf of the group.

He added that Ibrahim Mounir spoke, directing his speech to those present, stressing that if Western intelligence asked him about these details, he would have given them all the information.

He added that Mounir was shocked by this statement, wondering about the nature of the information that Mounir provided to Western intelligence about Egypt and the Brotherhood, explaining that the group’s guide, after his confession of providing information to Western intelligence services, confirmed that those agencies were repeatedly summoning him for interrogation and obtaining information from him.

He also alluded to an intelligence role played by the group’s “Misr al-Aan” satellite channel, which was broadcasting from Turkey, indicating that the group closed that satellite channel at the height of its success, while they lied and said that it was Turkey that asked them to do so, which did not happen.

He pointed out that all evidence indicates that the Brotherhood leaders receive instructions from the intelligence services of the countries in which they reside.

TV restriction

It is noteworthy that the Turkish authorities decided a few weeks ago to deport broadcaster Hossam Al-Ghamry after restricting his residence for a period.

Ankara decided to deport Al-Ghamry to a neighboring European country, after it placed him under house arrest for a period of more than a month, pending arrangement for his departure from its territory.

This came after the Egyptian journalist was detained last November in Agri prison in Agri state on the Iranian border because of his incitement against Egypt.

In addition, the Turkish authorities suspended the “Vision” program presented by Al-Ghamry on the “Al-Sharq” channel in Istanbul, due to his insult to Egypt and threatened to deport him in case of violation, after Turkey requested in March 2021 to restrict the Brotherhood’s satellite channels broadcasting from Istanbul and prevent its criticism of Egypt.

It also decided to stop the programs of a number of Brotherhood broadcasters, Moataz Matar, Muhammad Nasser, Hamza Zobaa, artist Hisham Abdullah, and Haitham Abu Khalil, and warned them against violating its instructions.

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