After an Egyptian journalist lost her speech.. A doctor confirms: Sadness may be the reason

After the DMC correspondent announced Omaima Al-Badri Through her Facebook account, she suddenly lost her speech after suffering an acute psychological crisis. A doctor confirmed that sadness may be the reason behind this.

He explained that the condition is called “psychological hoarseness” or “psychological loss of voice,” noting that a person’s vocal behavior changes with a change in his psychological state.

Dr. Walid Hindi said that loss of voice is one of the voice disorders and causes psychological factors that lead to negative, sudden and strong changes in the quality of the voice, which may cause hoarseness and extend to complete loss of voice.

He pointed out that this situation occurs to a person when he goes through a state of grief, severe depression, or exposure to a psychological crisis, or stress, physical and nervous exhaustion.


Regarding the availability of treatment for this condition, the doctor confirmed that this condition is temporary and may extend for days, but it has a cure.

It is noteworthy that Al-Badri announced through her Facebook account that she had lost her speech and wrote: “I need someone to help me, please. I suddenly lost my speech. I do not know how to speak or speak. I am not able to shake myself from what happened to me.”

Al-Badri thanked her audience, asked him to pray for her and help her, and published a picture of a group of analyzes.

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