Complete darkness and music.. This is how the victims of “Titan” lived their last moments

The wife of one of the victims revealed that the five passengers are on board Submarine Titan The afflicted spent their final moments listening to music in complete darkness, and watching sea creatures in the depths.

Christine Daoud, Shahzadeh’s wife and Suleiman’s mother, who were on board the submarine, explained that the company organizing the trip asked the passengers to wear thick socks and a hat to prevent the cold in the depths, and to adhere to a certain diet while not drinking coffee.

It also said that passengers were asked to download their favorite music to their phones, to play it on a Bluetooth speaker, according to the New York Times.

Ocean Jet Expeditions founder and CEO Rush Stockton warned them that the landing would be in the middle of the night because the headlights were turned off to save battery power when they reached the bottom of the sea.

However, they were told that they were likely to see bioluminescent creatures.

Submarine Titan

“My husband was excited.”

Christine Daoud said her husband was so excited he was “like a little kid” in the run-up to the trip.

On the morning of June 18, the passengers were to be on deck at 5 am. Christine Daoud said she was impressed by the professionalism of those on board.

“It was like a very well-stocked operation, you can see they’ve done it many times before,” she continued.

Suleiman and Shahzadeh were also wearing OceanGate flight suits as well as waterproof pants, an orange waterproof jacket, steel-toed boots, life jackets and helmets.

connection loss

And about the moment when communication with the submarine was lost, Christine Daoud heard someone say that communication with Titan had been cut off, so she went to the bridge where the team was watching the submarine’s landing, and she was told not to worry because communications might be cut off.

She was told that if there was a problem, the mission would be aborted and the submarine would lower the weights on board and surface.

Then someone tells her that they don’t know where Titan is.

“I was also looking out into the ocean, in case I could see them float to the surface,” she said.

Titan (AB)

Titan (AB)

She was aboard the mother ship when word arrived, five days later, that the submarine’s wreck had been found.

It is noteworthy that the Titan, which is operated by the US-based Ocean Jet Expeditions, was launched on a two-hour trip, but lost contact with the support ship after about an hour and 45 minutes.

On board were the British billionaire Himish Harding (58 years), the businessman of Pakistani origin, Shahzada Daoud (48 years), and his son Suleiman, and the two were British citizens, in addition to the French explorer Paul Henri Nargolet (77 years), founder and CEO of the “Ocean” company. Jet Expeditions” Rush Stockton, on a trip that cost each of them $ 250,000, and most importantly, their lives.

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