Hundreds of families leave the Jenin camp.. “Al-Arabiya” camera monitors

As the clashes continued Jenin camp Following the Israeli operation, the Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath camera monitored the exit of hundreds of families from the area.

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced that more than 500 families left the camp due to the clashes, leaving their homes.

Mobility difficulties

He also continued that there are difficulties in moving inside the camp due to the closed roads due to the destruction.

This came as the Palestinian Authority accused Israel of forcing hundreds of families to leave Jenin camp.

While Tel Aviv confirmed, through a statement by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, on Monday, that the process is continuing and is not set by a timetable, despite all the mediation.

She explained that the Israeli army is preparing to start the second phase.

The statement also continued, that explosions sounded inside the camp due to explosive devices, amid clashes that broke out at several points.

He confirmed the existence of calls for demonstrations in the West Bank to protest what is happening in the camp.

This came as Israel announced that the Air Force was supporting the forces on the ground in Jenin camp.

She added that various Israeli security services are now operating in the camp.

Offensive marches and missiles

It is noteworthy that Israel targeted, with missiles and offensive drones, several sites inside and on the outskirts of Jenin camp.

In the aftermath of the bombing, large army forces, accompanied by armored military bulldozers, stormed the city of Jenin from several axes, besieged the Jenin camp, cut off the roads linking the city and the camp, seized a number of houses and buildings overlooking the camp, deployed their snipers on their roofs, and cut off the electricity supply to the camp. large parts of the camp.

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