Jenin camp.. Israel is preparing to start the second phase

Boiling still reigns supreme Jenin camp On the impact of the military operation that Israel launched on Sunday night.

And while Tel Aviv confirmed, on Monday, that the process is continuing and is not set by a timetable, despite all the mediation, the Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported that the Israeli army is preparing to start the second phase.

He also continued that explosions sounded inside the camp due to explosive devices, amid clashes that broke out at several points.

He confirmed the existence of calls for demonstrations in the West Bank to protest what is happening in the camp.

This came as Israel announced that the Air Force was supporting the forces on the ground in Jenin camp.

She added that various Israeli security services are now operating in the camp.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, also claimed that Jenin in recent months has turned into a haven for “terrorists”, and that his forces are putting an end to this matter today.

He stressed that the Israeli forces target all areas that pose a threat to their security.

He also announced that it is on alert on all fronts and ready for any scenario, targeting all areas from which a threat to Israel’s security emanates.

Israel enters the “hornet’s nest” in Jenin

“hit the infrastructure”

Meanwhile, the Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adraei, confirmed that the operation launched by the Israeli army in Jenin and its camp continues until it achieves its objectives, which is striking the infrastructure of the Palestinian factions whose center is in Jenin.

Adraei added that the process is not set by a timetable, but its duration depends on the completion of the mission, which is weakening the infrastructure of these organizations inside the camp, indicating that this process is a step among a series of other steps taken in the past, and will also be taken in the coming days and weeks to weaken the two Islamic Jihad movements. and Hamas in the Jenin camp.

Offensive marches and missiles

It is noteworthy that Israel targeted, with missiles and offensive drones, several sites inside and on the outskirts of Jenin camp.

In the aftermath of the bombing, large army forces, accompanied by armored military bulldozers, stormed the city of Jenin from several axes, besieged the Jenin camp, cut off the roads linking the city and the camp, seized a number of houses and buildings overlooking the camp, deployed their snipers on their roofs, and cut off the electricity supply to the camp. large parts of the camp.

The skies of Jenin and its camp are witnessing an intense flight of the Israeli occupation planes, whether “Apache” or reconnaissance planes.

In addition, the city of Jenin and the neighboring refugee camp are considered a regular scene of confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli forces, which in the past months have intensified their operations in the northern occupied West Bank, with the increase in armed operations targeting Israelis, and with it settler attacks on Palestinians and their property.

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