Lawsuits against Twitter.. Thousands of dollars dues not paid

face Twitter Another lawsuit came after the company was accused of failing to pay for services to its offices in London, Dublin, Sydney and Singapore.

The Sydney-based infrastructure services company is seeking more than A$1 million ($666,000) in payments due dating back to October last year, when Elon Musk bought the platform.

The services provided include facilitating the installation of sensors in London and Dublin and office equipment in Singapore, while in Australia the service has been stopped, according to documents obtained by the British newspaper, The Guardian.

The case, which was filed in the US District Court for the Northern California District at the end of June, was first reported by NCA Newswire.

After Musk acquired Twitter, the company said, the social media company did not dispute the bills but simply did not pay them.

According to court filings, the company is not the only one suing Twitter since Musk took over.

Twitter logo (Reuters)

Advertisers alienated

The company explained that Musk’s moderate decisions and the abolition of the ban imposed on far-right accounts and neo-Nazis alienated advertisers and caused a financial crisis for the platform.

It is noteworthy that Twitter stopped paying rent for some of its offices and stopped paying many sellers whose services it was still using.

Twitter also canceled several contracts and stopped paying people it owed money to.

Twitter (Shutterstock)

Twitter (Shutterstock)

The popular site has already faced lawsuits over its failure to pay rent for offices around the world, according to the newspaper.

There was also speculation that the company’s decision to limit non-paying users to seeing just 600 tweets a day last week was the result of a failure to pay utility bills to keep the site running smoothly.

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