“The process does not end in one day.” Israel bombed Jenin with offensive marches

Israeli forces carried out drone strikes on Jenin city In the West Bank, during today’s operation, which included hundreds of soldiers, and led to the outbreak of a firefight that continued until the morning, killing 8 people, while an Israeli official confirmed that any military operation does not end in one day.

Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent reported that Israel used attack drones to bomb Jenin.

Gunfire and explosives sounded throughout the city for several hours after the attack, while drones flew at low altitude.

At least six drones were also seen flying over the densely populated city and camp, which houses some 14,000 residents in less than half a square kilometre.

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that 8 people were killed and 50 injured in Jenin, including 10 serious injuries.

Freedom to make decisions

In turn, the Israeli Defense Minister said, after the government session to evaluate the military operation in Jenin, “We gave our forces in Jenin the freedom to make decisions.”

In addition, the Israeli army said that its forces bombed a command center of militants from the Jenin Brigade as part of what it described as intensive efforts to combat terrorism in the West Bank aimed at destroying infrastructure and preventing militants from using the refugee camp as their base.

A spokesman said the operation would continue for as long as needed, and officials indicated the forces could stay for days.

It does not end in one day

While Energy Minister Yisrael Katz, a member of the cabinet, said to the Israeli Army Radio: “Any process does not end in one day.”

From the Israeli attack on the city of Jenin – Reuters

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen indicated today, Monday, that Israel does not intend to expand the scope of the operation in Jenin to include the entire occupied West Bank.

The city of Jenin and the neighboring refugee camp are considered a regular scene of confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli forces, which in the past months have intensified their operations in the northern occupied West Bank, with the increase in armed operations targeting Israelis, and with it settler attacks on Palestinians and their property.

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