They jumped out of windows. Watch migrants flee while being deported from Algeria

Social media in Algeria circulated a video clip of a mass escape to illegal immigrants from the Sahel and Sahara countries, before deporting them to their countries.

In the video clip, dozens of immigrants appear jumping from the bus that was transporting them outside Algeria, when it was traveling on the public road, after breaking the windows, then fleeing to the areas adjacent to the road, which led to obstructing traffic, in rejection of the process of deporting them and returning them to their countries, and in order to stay in Algeria, either to work and settle in it or to try to reach Europe.

Algeria is among the countries that carry out mass deportations of migrants who entered the country from the countries of the Sahel and Sahara in an irregular manner, in an attempt to reduce the number of migrants and the phenomenon of clandestine immigration.

While the authorities say that the deportations that they carry out sometimes are carried out in coordination with the embassies of the countries to which the deportees belong, and by providing the best humane conditions.

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