Liverpool solves Salah’s problem with Egypt 6 months before it happens

The news of Egypt’s arrival in the African Cup of Nations finals last month was a source of concern for Liverpool, England, as it would lose its star, Mohamed Salah, after several not-so-good experiences that the club had gone through in recent periods, but it seems that he found a solution to that dilemma when he signed with Dominique Subslay, the German player Leipzig.

Liverpool has always suffered during the African Cup of Nations matches in January, especially in the last period that witnessed the presence of Egyptian Mohamed Salah, Senegalese Sadio Mane and Guinean Naby Keita, as he wasted a large number of points.

And the “Empire of the Cup” website said: “The situation has now improved in Liverpool, as Mohamed Salah remained the only player expected to participate in the African Cup of Nations, but the club’s historic scorer may miss the entire month of January, and he is witnessing the “Reds” matches with Arsenal and Chelsea. In addition to Bournemouth and Burnley, the general feeling among the team’s supporters appears that Liverpool’s goals will be absent from the four matches.

And he continued: But the scouts of the club and the sports department remedied the matter and tried to find a solution to the dilemma that could appear after 6 months by contracting with Subslay, as he plays in the right-wing position, after he participated in 32 matches in this position with Leipzig last season.

He concluded: Dominique’s statistics indicate his suitability for the vacancy of Salah’s role when the latter travels to Côte d’Ivoire. It is true that compensating Al-Masry’s goals is not easy, but at least Subslay may contribute to Liverpool’s exit from that period with the least losses.

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