Macron announces an “emergency law” to speed up repair of riot damage

French President Emmanuel Macron announced, on Tuesday, during his meeting with the mayors of the cities affected by the outbreak the riots that took place last week, For a draft “emergency law” to expedite the reconstruction of destroyed buildings, facilities and means of transportation.

The June 27 killing of Nael, 17, by a policeman during a traffic check on the outskirts of Paris, followed several nights of rioting, destruction and looting.

A participant in the meeting was transferred “We will introduce an emergency law to bypass all deadlines and expedite the procedures for a much faster rebuilding process,” Macron said.

Macron also promised to support municipalities “to be able to quickly repair” broken surveillance camera equipment, in addition to providing financial aid to repair “roads, municipal institutions and schools.”

After listening to a large number of mayors, who number about 250, Macron acknowledged that there was no “consensus in the hall” on the solutions that should be presented after the killing of the young man, Nael. Among the projects to be undertaken, Macron called for changing the method of building public policies and “ Clarification of terms of reference” regarding housing.

In this context, Mayor of Fleury-Les-Oprés (center), Carole Canette, said that the president suggested that “return to the mayors to issue decisions related to by allocating social housing in their cities.. In turn, a deputy who participated in the meeting indicated that Macron also called for “housing construction.”

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