Macron announces the end of the peak of the riots in France

French President Emmanuel Macron said, in a meeting with mayors at the Elysee Palace, today, Tuesday, that the peak of the riots in his country had passed, pointing to the need to be cautious about the coming days and weeks.

Macron said, according to one of the participants in the meeting, “Is the return to calm permanent? I am cautious about it, but the peak that we witnessed in the past days has passed.”

“The absolute priority now must be to ensure order in the long term,” Macron stressed during the meeting.

It was last Tuesday morning, a week ago, that a police officer shot me The boy, Nael And who is 17 years old during a road search in Nanterre, which led to his death, and according to security officials, the young man did not comply with their demands during the traffic check.

As a result, riots broke out and lasted for several days. According to the Ministry of the Interior, 3.8 thousand cars were set on fire, 1,105 buildings were burned or vandalized, and 209 stations of the national police, gendarmerie or municipal police, from the night of 27 to 28 June, were subjected to attacks and acts of vandalism. About sixty schools were severely damaged.

Last night witnessed a limited number of 72 arrests, including 24 in Paris and its nearby suburbs, in exchange for hundreds of people at the height of the violence.

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