Sudan.. An unknown fate for hundreds of thousands of university students

Fathi, a student at a private university in Khartoum, did not believe himself when he received an e-mail from the university administration confirming the resumption of studies at the university.

The number of Sudanese students in universities and higher institutes is about 714 thousand male and female students – approximately – according to unofficial estimates.

Strange decision!

The aforementioned student was not the only one who raised his eyebrows in surprise, but many like him felt the same feeling, and perhaps the reason for the strangeness stemmed from the aforementioned university’s decision to resume studies, while the fierce war between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces has been raging since mid-April, with no hope looming on the near horizon.

The student told It is a difficult, if not impossible, decision to implement. Because the vast majority of professors and students have fled to areas far from the raging battles and mutual bombardment, and some of them have been forced to flee to remote areas where there is no electricity, internet and communications services.

The aforementioned student added to that the Sudanese students who accompanied their families to the various states of Sudan, or abroad, do not seem to return to school as one of their priorities in light of the difficult circumstances the country is going through.

unknown fate!

Close to the controversial decision of the aforementioned university – hundreds of thousands of Sudanese students in universities and higher institutes face unknown fates after the outbreak of the April 15 war. between the army and rapid support; For falling into the crossfire, and mutual shelling between the two warring parties.

For example, the buildings of the University of Khartoum – the most ancient Sudanese university, founded in 1902 AD – were severely damaged and will require many years to be rebuilt.

Also, there is another crisis that stood as an obstacle to Sudanese students who wish to continue their studies abroad, which is how to obtain the required documents, proving their affiliation with the universities in which they were studying before the outbreak of the war in Sudan.


Commenting on the tendency of some private universities to resume studies through electronic media and distance education, a professor at Bahri State University, located north of the capital, Khartoum, told (From my point of view, this is impossible. Professors and students are in conditions that do not allow them to continue studying. Their priorities are now limited to just how to survive.

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