The Israeli army begins withdrawing from Jenin

Israeli forces began Withdrawal from the Palestinian city of Jenin Late Tuesday evening, after it carried out one of the largest military operations in the occupied West Bank in years.

The “Times of Israel” newspaper said that the Israeli army forces began on Tuesday evening to withdraw from the city of Jenin in the West Bank after The process lasted 44 hours.

The newspaper quoted a military source as saying that some forces had already left the area.

From the clashes in Jenin on Tuesday

For its part, the Israeli Radio Kan said that “until the last moment, the exchange of fire did not subside” between the Israeli army and the Palestinians in Jenin.

Palestinian media also reported the occurrence Sporadic clashes with Israeli forces during its retreat from the city.

In a related context, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday-Wednesday night that a second Palestinian was killed in Jenin, which raises the death toll as a result of the Israeli operation to 12, while more than 120 others were injured.

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