We will not accept to be a transit area or a land for immigrants to settle

Tunisian President Kais Saied said that Tunisia will not accept being a transit area or a land for the settlement of expatriates from a number of African countries, calling for the need to enforce the law and protect the country’s national security.

This came during his meeting on Tuesday evening with Interior Minister Kamal al-Fiqi and a number of security leaders, to discuss the situation in the city of Sfax, where tensions and clashes escalated between residents and irregular immigrants from the Sahel and Sahara countries, which ended with the murder of a Tunisian citizen.

Demonstrations against immigrants

The President of Tunisia indicated that the situation in Sfax is “abnormal”, hinting at the existence of a plan to spread and fuel chaos, calling for the dismantling of criminal networks that traffic in migrants.

The governorate of Sfax witnesses a remarkable presence of illegal immigrants from the Sahel and Sahara countries, and it has also turned into a major point of migration towards Europe, which raised the concern of the residents, especially after the spread of violence and the increase in crime rates.

During the past hours, several neighborhoods in the Sfax governorate witnessed acts of people and violence between immigrants and Tunisians, demanding their deportation to their countries and finding solutions to limit their spread and influx into the region.

As a result, the Tunisian authorities launched, on Tuesday, a security campaign in the city center of Sfax, expelling migrants from public places, and deploying extensive security reinforcements in an attempt to control the situation.

In February, Tunisian President Kais Saied criticized the growing number of illegal immigrants and considered that this constituted a demographic threat to his country, calling for urgent measures to be taken to stop their flow. Racism against immigrants.

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