A strange hobby enters the American Guinness Book of Records.. Imagine what it is?

An American man from the US state of Iowa broke a world record, and is preparing to enter the Guinness Book of Records with a strange hobby, as he began collecting pencils since his childhood, to become in possession of 70 thousand pens.

According to the Associated Press, Aaron Bartholme, a resident of Colfax, Iowa, has been collecting wooden pencils since he was an early age, as he managed to collect 70,000 pencils.

The agency pointed out that Bartholome broke the previous record recorded in the Guinness Book of collecting pencils in 2020, when Emilio Arenas, a resident of the Republic of Uruguay, set the record for collecting 24,000 pencils.

Bartholme told KCCI-TV: “The pencils he owns are in his hometown, and in many cases they are the only thing that remains as a record of this work, and it’s just a great way of preserving history.”

And two of the American Pen Collectors Association went last weekend to the Colfax Historical Society to count Bartholomew’s pens, and the latter is waiting to know if Guinness has approved the result of counting his pens, as the inspection process takes up to three months.

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