A Turkish academic explains the consequences of raising the level of relations between Egypt and Turkey

with Raise Egypt and Turkey relations between them to the level of ambassadors This week, many questions were raised about the next steps that both countries will take after a diplomatic and political rupture that lasted for nearly a decade before relations gradually resumed again. How will the upgrade of relations between the two sides affect both countries?

A Turkish academic and expert in international relations suggested that raising the level of diplomatic representation between Cairo and Ankara would lead to more economic cooperation between the two capitals in the coming period, with the impact of this step on joint military files between the two sides that were the cause of the rift between the two countries.

Ilhan Özgül, a Turkish academic and expert in international relations, told Al that “Turkish-Egyptian economic relations have not been affected by the political crisis during the past years except in a rare way,” adding that “the diplomatic normalization that is taking place at the present time may not result in quick steps, But its immediate repercussions will be economically beneficial.”

He continued, “Raising diplomatic representation may lead to new cooperation between Ankara and Cairo in the energy file in the eastern Mediterranean,” hinting at “the possibility of Turkey benefiting from Egypt’s strong relations with Greece.”

Turkish exploration ship in the eastern Mediterranean (archive)

The Turkish academic also stressed that the repercussions of raising diplomatic representation between Turkey and Egypt would be “positive” for both countries, but for the “Brotherhood” it would be “very negative,” as he put it.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had announced, on Tuesday, that Cairo and Ankara would raise the level of diplomatic relations between them to the level of ambassadors.

According to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s statement, Egypt nominated Ambassador Amr Al-Hamami as its ambassador to Ankara, while Turkey nominated Ambassador Salih Mutlu Shin as its ambassador to Cairo, who has already begun his duties.

confirmed The Turkish ambassador to Egypt, Salih Mutlu Shen For “Al-Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath”, in an exclusive interview, today, Wednesday, “progress in building trust between the two countries.” “Egypt and Turkey understand each other better, and there is progress in building trust between them,” he said.

The Turkish ambassador to Egypt, Salih Mutlu Shen

The Turkish ambassador to Egypt, Salih Mutlu Shen

He pointed out that “political dialogue and political relations are based on trust between any two countries. During the past three or four years, the two countries were able to build and restore trust between them.”

He stressed that “Turkey and Egypt are two important countries in the region, and the relations between them are vital to improving the atmosphere of security and stability in the region, as well as advancing all areas of development, and this is important for the benefit of the region, and the region will be positively affected by this relationship.”

The Turkish ambassador added, “The friendship and brotherhood relations between Cairo and Ankara contribute to creating an atmosphere of security in the region, the Middle East, and the eastern Mediterranean.”

Turkey’s support years ago for the “Brotherhood” and armed militias in Libya caused a long break with Egypt. In addition, the existence of differences between the two countries over the energy file in the eastern Mediterranean, and Ankara allowing the broadcasting of anti-Cairo television stations from its territory, had led to To exacerbate the diplomatic and political crises between both countries.

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