After the documents were leaked, the Pentagon tightened restrictions on classified information

The Pentagon announced on Wednesday its intention to tighten restrictions on top-class information, following an alleged leak that led to… For the arrest of an airman in April He was later charged with posting confidential documents on the Discord messaging app.

Jack Teixeira

The 45-day review did not find a specific technical failure, but the Pentagon said the policies, including those related to electronic devices in sensitive areas, were vague and led to inconsistencies in their application.

The Pentagon said the new measures include appointing “censors of top secret information” and creating a new office on insider threats And plans for electronic detection systems In work areas containing top secret information.

And he faced Jack Douglas Teixeira (21 years old) of North Dayton, Mass., on June 6, charged with willfully withholding and disseminating classified national defense information.

It is believed that the leak of documents published on social networking sites is the most serious security breach since the publication of more than 700,000 documents, video clips and diplomatic correspondence on the WikiLeaks website in 2010.

Prosecutors said Teixeira leaked confidential documents to a group of video gamers on the Discord app.

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