Ahmed Saad, in his first appearance, did not apologize and revealed shocking surprises

In the first reaction to the statement of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, the Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad published a video through his official accounts on social networking sites.

He revealed the truth about what happened in Tunisia a few days ago, and the crisis that occurred between him and the concert organizer, and caused accusations against him of insulting Tunisian women.

Ahmed Saad did not apologize in the video as demanded by the Syndicate in its statement, but he made it clear to everyone that he appreciates and respects Arab women and Tunisian women, especially since in Egypt there are many Tunisian women working in technical fields, whom he appreciates and listens to their opinions.

He stressed that what happened at the ceremony does not represent Tunisian women at all, and it angers him to say that what happened in Tunisia is related to Tunisian women, but it is a different situation.

Ahmed Saad pointed out that the party organizer did not abide by the agreement between them in the contract, to present surprising and shocking footage that confirms his story, after he reviewed the terms of the contract concluded between him and the party organizer, as well as the conversations between them through the “WhatsApp” application.

Ahmed Saad also published video clips of the ceremony, confirming what he says in his account, that there was no agreement on the press conference, but he decided to go out of respect for the Tunisian press.

And then he was surprised by dancers inside the party, who did not do any rehearsals with them, which angered him, after the matter turned random on stage, which prompted him to leave.

He also explained that the party organizer incited against him, and took some to his residence, but the hotel administration prevented them from entering.

He justified what he said to the organizer of the ceremony, when he attacked her, saying, “Shut up,” that the matter was related to the etiquette of speaking, and that she had to wait until he finished his speech, to then show a video attacking him while saying, “You are are not an artist,” considering that the matter is It is an insult to Egyptian artists.

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