An American court restricts state officials’ communication with communication platforms

A US federal court ruled on Tuesday to impose restrictions on the communication of senior officials in the administration of President Joe Biden with social media companies with the aim of modifying or deleting content guaranteed by the Freedom of Expression Act.

The ruling came after Republican attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri filed lawsuits accusing government officials of going too far with social media platforms to combat misinformation and fake news about vaccines and elections.

The ruling issued by a federal court in Louisiana represents a victory for conservatives in the United States, who assert that the Biden administration exploited the Corona epidemic and fake news as an excuse to censor content on the Internet.

This court decision could also seriously limit the ability of government agencies such as the FBI or the Departments of State and Justice to report false or misleading content to social platforms.

It also includes senior officials such as White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre.

The ruling restricts officials from communicating or meeting with social platforms with the aim of “inciting, encouraging, pressuring, or inciting in any way” to remove or modify content protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which provides for freedom of expression.

A White House official said the Justice Department would review the court’s decision to assess its options.

“This administration has strengthened responsible actions to protect public health, safety and security when faced with challenges such as a deadly pandemic or external attacks on our elections,” he added, in an interview with “Agence France Presse.”

The official stressed that social media companies are responsible for their content and “but make independent choices about the information they provide”.

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