“Between the teams of Al-Antil and Al-Haj Rushdi.” Scenes from the funniest match in rural Egypt

An entertaining exhibition match held on the sidelines of the final of a football tournament in the village of Damsna in Itay El-Baroud in Beheira, in Delta Egypt, ignited social networking sites, as it included funny comic clips.

The organizers of the match published a video clip containing a summary of it, at the beginning of which a cart appeared to roam the stadium to greet the fans, followed by the line-up of the “Al-Antil and Hajj Rushdi teams” in a uniform consisting of galabia and knickers, and a lot was drawn on the back of the “close”.

Anwar Montaser, one of the organizers of the match, told Masrawy: “The idea of ​​the match came from a few days ago. My friends Moaz Maher and Mahmoud Al-Fakharani and I thought about it, and we implemented it on the sidelines of the final of our Damna tournament in Al-Buhaira.

Montaser adds: “We saw two simple people, who are the countries of goodness and blessing in the world. We can all make them happy with a simple need and provide them with a different model and form, especially the farmer, who every day is only a gruesome, so we decided to make them a day to entertain them.”

And he continues: “Praise be to God, we were able to gather 20 farmers who have talent and a beautiful spirit, and they accepted the idea and made a beautiful interior with their own farming equipment. We made a match between my teams (dress and tights), and praise be to God, the crowd attendance exceeded 3 thousand spectators from the field, and we drew laughter on the confusion of the overpowering people and praise God, the idea succeeded.

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