He bought real estate and cars.. A bank employee seized 70 million pounds from customers’ balances in Egypt

Extensive investigations are being conducted by the First Prosecution of El-Mahalla El-Kubra in the Egyptian Gharbia Governorate, regarding the embezzlement of an official in an investment bank, with sums of money from the bank’s clients’ accounts in the city, exceeding more than 70 million pounds, which were seized at intervals.

The beginning was that one of those affected discovered that an amount of 6 million and 600 thousand pounds had disappeared from his account with the bank in the period from August 2022 to February 2023, and he submitted an official complaint to the bank management and the Central Bank and a report to the Public Prosecution about the disappearance of the amount after a bank employee seized it and the money of some depositors. amounted to more than 70 million pounds, According to what was reported by the Egyptian media.

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The Public Prosecution proceeded with the investigations, as those investigations revealed that the accused employee, “A.A,” had seized the money of many clients, including an obstetrician and gynecologist, as he seized an amount of 1.5 million pounds from her account, and the accused returned the seized amount from her account after discovering the incident. .

Investigations also revealed that the Central Bank sent a memorandum containing the names of 6 other clients whose money was seized from their bank accounts through the same accused employee.

The Public Prosecution heard the statements of the author, as he confirmed that he was surprised by the embezzlement of 6 million and 600 thousand pounds from his account in the bank, and that he submitted an official complaint to the Central Bank and the main bank in Cairo to reveal the circumstances of the embezzlement of his money. The author’s lawyer revealed that the accused employee made a loan in the name of his client without knowing anything about it, and the bank deducts 20,000 pounds per month, the value of the monthly installment of the loan that he did not obtain.

The legal advisor called for the need to extract an account statement for the period from 2019 until now to show the balances and amounts that were seized.

The bank management formed a committee to examine the abuses and irregularities committed by the employee in the bank, and prepared a detailed report and submitted it to the bank management in Cairo and the Central Bank, which revealed that the employee transferred money from the deposits of the complainant to the owners of real estate offices and car offices.

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