Putin is in a difficult situation.. and we don’t know what he might do to Ukraine!

A senior US defense intelligence official said today, Wednesday, to “Newsweek” magazine: Newsweek Russian President Vladimir Putin’s position is “difficult,” but he cautioned that the CIA does not know exactly what he might do in the Ukrainian arena.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the CIA is fully aware of the extent of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, but at the same time it is largely ignorant of what Putin might do in the future.

He added that with talk of the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus, and in light of Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner Group, publicly revealing the heavy losses of the conflict in Ukraine, the current moment is very “thorny”.

“What’s happening off the battlefield is what’s most important now,” the official said. “Both sides pledge to limit their movements, but it is the responsibility of the United States to implement those pledges. It all depends on the quality of our intelligence.”

The magazine said that the CIA’s main role in the war in Ukraine provided a moral boost after the tense relationship between former US President Donald Trump and the heads of the US intelligence services.

The magazine quoted a second senior intelligence official as saying that some in the agency wanted to speak more publicly about the importance of the role it plays, but he ruled out this happening, as “the CIA fears that throwing too much light on its role might provoke Putin.”

On the other hand, the defense intelligence official said that the “disruptive” attacks and cross-border fighting resulted in a “new complication”, warning that the continuation of the “disruptive” Ukrainian operations could have serious consequences.

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