“Revenge”… An Iranian-Russian military alliance in cyberspace!

Iranian video games have entered the line of the virtual “Russian-Iranian military alliance”, within the conflict with the West, as the group that designed the game is trying to “thwart the enemy’s operation against the allies Russia and Iran” in the virtual space.

The Iranian “Kosar3D” animation academy has recently taken a new direction, represented in “making video games”, and started its work with a product called “Revenge”, which deals with a virtual military alliance between Iran and Russia, against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO”. “. This product was made by a group of programmers in the Iranian city of Mashhad and directed by Farhad Azima.

Try to compete with other western games

According to PC Gamer, this new studio’s announcement claims that the game is privately funded and aims to “compete directly with its peers in the entertainment industry.” In other words, it aims to be an entirely Iranian response to Call of Duty.

In addition, Azima told Russia Today: In this game, a military alliance is formed between Iran and Russia, and this group is trying to thwart an operation designed by the enemy against the “allies Iran and Russia.”

Russia Today, the Russian news website, adds that the coalition “will eliminate operations in their infancy.” Azima goes on to say that the game is not about war but about “pre-emptive strikes on the enemy’s territory to neutralize his attacks”.

The producer added: We are trying to develop the game in a way that is equivalent to titles such as “Call of Duty”, despite our limited capabilities, but this game will be similar to American and international titles in terms of graphics and quality.

A war between “Sukhoi” and “F-35”

Regarding the type of battle that can be expected in this game, Azima added: One of the important challenges is the battle between the fourth-generation Iranian Sukhoi fighter and the fifth-generation American fighter F-35, and it is possible that a battle between these two fighters will lead to the victory of the F-35 on paper. But in a duel or close combat, the Sukhoi will win, especially if the pilot is Iranian.

The virtual war begins in Ukraine, and there are 7 levels in the game Revenge, and the beginning of the game will be in Ukraine, where players must infiltrate an American laboratory whose mission is to produce a virus that turns Ukrainians into “zombies” to attack the Russians.

There is some “revenge” game content on the developer’s YouTube page, and Azima says that this product has been in development for two years and is expected to be released later this year.

It should be noted that the game “Revenge” is made by the “Unreal Engine” game engine, which is a product of the American company “Epic Games”.

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