Social media has become a threat to our lives!

For the third time, she presented the role of a doctor, after she presented it in two works during the recent period, namely the movie “Nabil El Gemayel”, a plastic surgeon with Mohamed Heneidy, during which she embodied the character of a plastic doctor, while she appeared as a neurologist in the series “Family Subject 2” with Majid Al-Kadwani, and this time she repeats the ball. But in the role of a gynecologist, through the movie “Beit El Rouby”.

It is the Lebanese artist Nour, who confirmed in her interview with that she is happy to cooperate with Karim Abdel Aziz and Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, and that this work is a new adventure for her that she has been hoping for for a long time.

What motivated you to participate in the movie “House of Ruby”?

What motivated me to accept the work in the movie “The Ruby’s House” is that it is a new adventure that I had hoped for for a while. I was also excited to work with director Peter Mimi, and to be with Karim Abdel Aziz and Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in one artwork. The scenes with them were wonderful and full of laughter, as well as with the rest of the heroes. Also, the character that I do is different, wonderfully written, and new from what I presented before.

Tell us about your character in the movie?

The film takes place in a framework of suspense, comedy and excitement, through the character of “Iman”, a gynecologist, and the wife of Karim Abdel Aziz, who suffers from a problem in childbearing that pushes her to take reckless actions in order to solve these problems. The film discusses an important issue, related to social media, which has become They pose a danger to our lives. The work deals with the pervasiveness of digital platforms in public life and its positive and negative impact through an online blogger and his relationship with his wife and those around him.

Why do you repeat the performance of the doctor’s character over a short period?

She presented the character of the doctor in several works, whether cinematic or television, starting with the series “Dal Ragel”, passing through “Regain Yahwe” and “Family Subject” and finally the films “Nabil the Beautician” and “House of the Ruby”, but you cannot find a character similar to the other. I am not afraid of repeating the nature of the character’s work with my work, because I am well prepared to study the artistic personality from all aspects, including the way of speaking, the apparent impressions of it, and the psychological factors it goes through, in addition to intensive work sessions with the makers to ensure a greater understanding of the character and its correct expression.

What’s new with you?

These days, I am getting ready for the third part of the series “Family Theme”. During this period, I am preparing and preparing for the new part of the work, after the great success achieved by the work during the first and second parts.

I participated in the second part of the series, didn’t you feel anxious?

Of course, I was worried that the issue would not be easy, especially since I am participating in the second part after the great success achieved by the first part, so I was keen to be part of this success and to add to it.

What about your meeting with Majed Al-Kedwany?

Majed is a wonderful artist, and he and director Ahmed El-Gendy made sure that I quickly merged into the work family. I was happy to work with the family of the series, as they were a real family, and the scenes were full of lightness and warmth.

Did you expect any work to be displayed on an electronic platform and achieve so much success?

It is difficult to predict, as the matter ultimately depends on the opinion of the audience, who has an artistic sense that enables him to judge correctly, and I believe that a good artwork imposes itself greatly, whether it is shown on a TV channel or an electronic platform, and perhaps a family topic is the most prominent example of that.

What do you think of the works that deal with the problems of the Egyptian family?

The works that deal with the problems of the Egyptian family, if they were well written and a nice subject, would be very sweet, because the Egyptian family, like the Arab family, is rich and has many details. The things found in Egyptian families are extremely rich.

Also, society needs you from these works that discuss the conditions of Egyptian and Arab families, because reality is transferred to the screen, so you will find works that discuss this type of problems of Egyptian families very successful.

Is absolute championship your priority?

I am currently looking for roles that add to my artistic balance and leave a mark with the audience. There are many stars who sought absolute heroism and made films, but they did not achieve the required success and some of them are not remembered by the audience. In the future, I may present an absolute heroism, but the criterion will be whether the film is written in a sweet artistic way and the role is appropriate. Leah or not?

Why did you miss the dramatic season in Ramadan?

I was supposed to be present on the screen of Ramadan this year through the participation of the artist Yasser Jalal, starring in the “A Thousand and One Nights” series, but the producing company decided to postpone the work to Ramadan 2024, and through it I present a surprising character that I consider to be one of the best and most important of my roles, and by the way, I will not be the character of Scheherazade, as it was reported. However, another character has every need of evil, good and love, a very important character and I am happy that I will do it, and it is different from Scheherazade and Shahryar, and I am very excited to present it to the audience.

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