A property collapse in Alexandria.. A body was recovered and survivors searched

Once again, the phenomenon of real estate collapse in Alexandria governorate, northern Egypt, is still recurring. The Gomrok neighborhood witnessed the collapse of a two-storey property on Ibn Al-Afifi Street, which resulted in the death of a person, while rescue teams searched for survivors under the rubble.

Neighborhood officials announced that utilities and services would be cut off from the collapsed property, and a security cordon would be imposed until the completion of the removal of debris and rubble.

This comes after a few days Collapse of a 14-storey building In the province, 10 people died and others were injured.

The authorities received a report of the collapse of a property on Khalil Hamada Street in the Sidi Beshr area of ​​the Montazah neighborhood, where the inspection revealed that the property was split vertically downward, with the right part collapsing in the direction of its façade to the surface of the earth, with the left side remaining without being subjected to collapse.

Investigations revealed that the property had been built since 1975, and that the owner of the fourteenth floor had made construction additions to it without a permit last June.

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