“Friction” in the skies of Syria between a Russian fighter and an American march

An American general reported that Russian fighter jets deliberately Harassment of three American drones Wednesday, during its participation in a mission against extremists in Syrian airspace.

“While three American MQ-9 drones were carrying out a mission against ISIS targets, three Russian combat aircraft began harassing them,” US Air Force General Alexus Grynkewich said in a statement.

The general added that the Russian fighters fired flare shots in front of the American drones, which were forced to resort to evasiveness, while one of the Russian pilots turned on the back burner of his plane in front of the “MQ-9” drone, which “limited the operator’s ability to fly it safely.”

Russian fighters in Syria (archive)

“These incidents give another example of unprofessional and unsafe behavior by the Russian Air Force operating in Syria, which threatens the safety of both American and Russian forces,” Grinkewich said, calling on Moscow to “stop this reckless behavior.”

For its part, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that the American marches violated the airspace A joint Syrian-Russian training area in Syria.

The Russian Ministry of Defense added that Moscow “is not responsible for the uncoordinated flights of American drones over Syria.”

It is reported that earlier this year, the United States said that A Russian fighter plane caused a crash America over the Black Sea, but Moscow denied its responsibility.

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