Meta officially launches its new application, “Threads”, a competitor to Twitter

The giant company, Meta, which owns Facebook, officially launched the “Threads” application, which is based on text publications and is a serious competitor. to twitterHowever, legal concerns delayed its release in Europe until a later date.

Threads is the biggest challenge for Twitter and its owner, Elon Musk, who has so far succeeded in repelling any potential competitor from similar applications and sites that have emerged such as “Blue Sky” and “Mastodon”.

Celebrity accounts

Threads is also available in the Apple Store and Play Store at 23:00 GMT on Wednesday evening, with active accounts on it for celebrities such as Shakira and Jack Black, in addition to media and platforms such as The Hollywood Reporter, Vice and also Netflix.

In turn, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, wrote in his first post on the new application, “Let’s get started now. Welcome to Threads.”

Porridge (Reuters)

Porridge (Reuters)

The application relies on its launch on the user base of Instagram, which exceeds two billion accounts, which provides it with the challenge of starting from scratch.

However, according to a close source, regulatory concerns will delay the launch of the application in the European Union, where Meta is subject to the new Digital Markets Law, which imposes strict rules on major Internet companies.

Personal data

One of these rules restricts the transfer of personal data between different products, as will be the case between Instagram and Threads, and Zuckerberg was previously caught by European regulatory agencies doing so when he bought WhatsApp.
It is clear that Zuckerberg is taking advantage of Twitter’s floundering under its new owner’s management to launch this competing product, which Meta hopes will become the preferred communication channel for celebrities, corporations and politicians.

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