The Battle of Jenin is over..and the camp is examining the damages for reconstruction

The Israeli military operation ended in Jenin campleaving behind great damage to the infrastructure of the governorate, in the fifth largest city in the West Bank.

The Deputy Governor of Jenin, Kamal Abu Al-Rub, revealed that the Israeli operation caused damage to about 80 percent of the camp’s homes, according to the Arab World News Agency.

He said that the damage was divided between total and partial destruction, burning, vandalizing and destroying property, noting that dozens of vehicles were completely and partially damaged.

“The operation destroyed the water, electricity, landlines and sewage networks,” he added.

In turn, the Palestinian Ministry of Economy said that the military operation in Jenin governorate targets the infrastructure and the local economy, which increases the size of the losses in the governorate.

According to a report issued by the Ministry’s Directorate in Jenin, the Israeli army destroyed the main lines of the water and electricity networks, especially in the Jenin camp, in addition to razing roads and agricultural lands.

Destruction in Jenin (AFP)

The monitoring operations showed that the industrial, commercial and services movement in the governorate stopped as a result of the blockade imposed on it, especially for the Palestinians who live inside the governorate and constitute one of the most important sources of economic movement in it. Israel also prevents the entry of goods and merchandise due to the closure of the Jalameh checkpoint.

Inventory and restoration

For his part, the governor of Jenin, Akram Rajoub, indicated that the extent of the destruction is very large in the infrastructure, including water and electricity lines, streets and sewage.

Rajoub pointed out that the Ministry of Public Works teams have already begun the process of removing rubble and repairing streets, while the electricity company is working to secure power lines and the Water Authority is working to repair damaged lines.

Destruction in Jenin (AFP)

Destruction in Jenin (AFP)

However, Rajoub added, “However, it is expected that the rebuilding of homes will take longer, possibly extending to several weeks, as the government works to meet the needs of the displaced and rehabilitate their damaged homes in Jenin.”

repercussions and challenges

For his part, the head of Jenin Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Ammar Abu Bakr, said that the ongoing attacks and closures affect the commercial and economic movement of the governorate in general.

Destruction in Jenin (AFP)

Destruction in Jenin (AFP)

Because of these difficult conditions, the movement of people in the province is limited to meeting the basic needs of homes, such as food and basic materials, as he put it.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli military operation, which lasted for two days in Jenin, caused great destruction, and resulted in the death of 12 Palestinians, including 5 children, and more than 140 injured, including 30 seriously, in addition to destroying the camp’s infrastructure and causing severe damage to citizens’ homes and properties.

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