The scenario of the emergence of water on the planet.. Solve the puzzle

Water constitutes 71% of the total area of ​​​​the planet, but an important question that has been searching for an answer for many centuries is: Where did this water come from?

Scientists put forward many hypotheses that tried to find an explanation for the presence of water on the surface of the earth.

These hypotheses ranged from the arrival of water to Earth through asteroids that collided with it, to the fact that the Earth itself produced water on its own.

But scientists at the California Institute of Technology have made a big leap towards solving this mystery, according to the British Daily Mail, today, Thursday.

They confirmed that the Earth was formed from dry and rocky masses, indicating that water appeared at a late stage in the formation of the planet.

They stated that the addition of major volatiles necessary for life to the planet, including water, occurred in the last 15% of the Earth’s formation process.

The history of the formation of the Earth dates back to 4.5 billion years, and scientists are trying to understand the processes in which the planet arose.

In one of the easiest ways to explore how a planet formed, scientists track magma (molten rock) flowing deep into Earth’s interior.

And by studying the layers of the earth, scientists concluded that it was not formed immediately, but rather gathered as materials that merged with each other over time.

In the study, the researchers found a lack of volatile substances in the depths of the Earth, which are substances that can easily evaporate and include water.

But these materials are found in abundance in the upper layer (upper mantle).

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