Weapons and precedents… Details are revealed about the man who threatened Obama’s house

US prosecutors announced that it was last week A man was arrested near the home of former President Barack Obama with weapons in his truck. This man visited the American capital after former President Donald Trump shared what he claimed was Obama’s address on his website, Truth Social, according to the American website Axios.

Prosecutors said the man, identified as Taylor Taranto, 37, wrote after reaching the address Trump posted on Telegram: “We’ve got these losers trapped! See you in hell!” He then began broadcasting live from his truck on his YouTube channel in the Kalorama district of the capital.

Taranto, who has no fixed address, spoke of finding an entrance to Obama’s house using the sewage system, according to files reviewed by a US court on Wednesday.

Taylor Taranto

Based on previous threats, and because Taranto had previously indicated that his car contained some type of explosive device, FBI bomb experts were deployed to the scene.

Secret Service officers began monitoring Taranto once he began walking around and filming in the area. Prosecutors said he fled as soon as they approached him before he was finally arrested.

Taranto was under surveillance by the security authorities for making previous threats, as he threatened to bomb the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He also entered an elementary school near Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin’s home in Maryland while making apparent threats to the congressman. The documents revealed that Taranto also has an open case on charges related to the 2021 Capitol riots.

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