Friction with marches.. Russia is opposing America in Syria, and the latter is responding

After the commander of the Air Forces at the US Central Command, Alex Greenwich, announced that a Russian fighter was subjected to unprofessional and unsafe behavior by an American “MK 9” march while carrying out a mission against the terrorist organization ISIS on Thursday morning in Syria, the Russian response came.

The Russian Ministry of Defense responded to US accusations that drones belonging to the international coalition led by Washington violated 5 times the airspace of a joint Syrian-Russian training area.

Russia is Qalqalah

Russia confirmed that it is not responsible for the safety of the uncoordinated flights of the marches, expressing its concern about these violations, as it put it.

This came after Goenkowich confirmed in a statement that the Russian fighter dropped flares and flew dangerously close to the march, threatening the safety of all the fighters involved.

He pointed out that the incident is the second of its kind during the past twenty-four hours, considering that these incidents are another example of unprofessional and unsafe behavior by the Russian Air Force in Syria, as he described it.

He also urged Russia to stop this reckless behavior and abide by the standards of behavior expected of a professional air force, as he put it.

Grynkewich renewed the US Air Force’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its personnel and continuing to work with allies to prevent any escalation in the region.

Accidents don’t stop

In addition, the US Air Force published a video clip that showed the Russian fighter flying near the American march and throwing flares in front of it.

It is noteworthy that the US Central Command, on Wednesday, also accused Russian pilots of engaging in the same unsafe behavior during their interaction with US drones that were carrying out the same missions against ISIS in Syria.

And the US Air Force published a tweet attached to a video of the Russian air movements.

Last April, two Russian warplanes headed to intercept an American “Reaper MQ-9” march in the Black Sea, which crashed in the sea.

While the incident caused tension between Washington and Moscow.

This type of incident has also increased between Russian and Western planes in recent months, over the Black Sea, as well as over the Baltic Sea, against the background of the conflict in Ukraine.

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