She entered a coma and suffered from liver poisoning. The death of actress Amal Abbas

She passed away The famous Iraqi artist residing in Kuwait, Amal Abbas, At the age of 63, today, Friday, after a long struggle with illness.

The journalist and member of the Kuwaiti Journalists Association, Nayef Al-Shammari, published a video clip announcing the death of the artist, Amal, through his account on “Instagram.” He said: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. May God have mercy on her and grant her soul paradise.”

He also added that she was transferred to the hospital several days ago and suffered from a coma, saying: “The artist, Amal Al-Abbas, was a few days ago in Mubarak Hospital, entered a coma, suffered from liver poisoning, and died clinically 4 or 5 days ago, and it was a clinical death, and a short while ago the doctor announced her death.” officially”.

Abbas began her artistic career in Kuwait in 1984 in the “Operetta Cinderella”. After that, she presented many television works, and participated in each of the accident and tales from folklore, paper, Sabika, computer wife, wife under training, sir, the man does not, the greedy, and life is the rest, and others.

Her participation in the series “Al-Hayala” in the role of Hakima, alongside the able artist Abdul-Hussein Abdul-Rida and the artist Khaled Al-Nafisi, was one of the most important stations in her artistic life.

She stopped working in 2017 after falling ill, as she was suffering from a serious heart condition.

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