A comic robbery.. The thief entered and no one cared about him, so he left without stealing

In a comic and illogical robbery at the same time, a person broke into a beauty salon in America for the purpose of theft, and left empty-handed after the two employees in the place surprised him with their reaction.

And as it appears in the video recorded by the cameras of the place, a person of somewhat short stature, wearing a hat and carrying an empty bag, stormed into a beauty salon and started shouting to get the money, saying, “Where is the money?.. give me the money.” One of them did not get up because they simply did not understand what he was saying.

It also seemed that the accounts employee present in the place also did not understand what the thief wanted, so she seemed surprised without any reaction, and then the thief left the place empty-handed and without causing any chaos or harming anyone.

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