A Lebanese from Paraguay appears in the video the moment he was shot dead by an unknown visitor

A Lebanese expatriate, Wissam Idris, was killed yesterday at the door of his house in a city in Paraguay, in which he is active in the wholesale trade of electronic cigarettes, which is Ciudad del Este, adjacent in southern Brazil to the city of Foz do Iguaçu, famous for its waterfalls, in a “triangular border” region that includes Argentina, and more than From 8 thousand Lebanese, between expatriates and descendants.

Two men arrived at his house on a yellow MotoTaxi motorcycle. One of them got off and pressed his doorbell, so the 31-year-old came and looked to see who the visitor was at 4:30 pm yesterday, Friday, local city time, according to what appeared in a video shown by Al Arabiya. Net” below, in which we see the visitor pull out his 9 mm pistol and shoot him 4 bullets in the chest and kill him in cold blood, then leave to where his partner was waiting for him on the bike.

The crime, which ended in the escape of the two killers, took less than two minutes, and was filmed by a surveillance camera that Idris installed at the entrance of the house when he moved in with his wife 6 months ago, according to what 3 local news websites quoted from a police commissioner who visited the scene of what happened, and said that Idris was staying in Another house, he left after he was subjected to an assassination attempt 8 months ago when he was driving his car with his family, so he installed several cameras around the new house, working on a closed-circuit system.

Neighbors’ cameras were also filmed

The commissioner also stated that the police who transferred Idris’ pregnant wife to supervise her in a hospital, as well as his daughter, will look at everything that the cameras photographed, perhaps finding in them what might help arrest the killers and find out the motive for committing a crime, also based on what eyewitnesses from the neighbors said. “Some of those who filmed surveillance cameras outside the homes of the two men arriving at the victim’s house,” he added, adding that some of them saw the killer’s features when he left the place, and did not rule out that he was a contract killer.

The police did not release almost any information about the pregnant widow and her child, although it is likely that she is Lebanese, because if she were a Paraguayan, a lot would have been reported about her in the local media. Also, there was not enough personal information about her husband, who has no accounts on communication sites, while read in the local ABC newspaper that he had Paraguayan citizenship, which indicates that he has been residing there for years.

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