After the launch of Threadz.. Musk promises Twitter fans, “Wait for improvements”

Only a few hours passed after he described the new application as “Instagram” without pictures, until the controversial American billionaire Elon Musk appeared, announcing upcoming improvements in Twitter platform.

Apparently, the owner of the blue bird realized the strong launch of the “Threads” application, which was the talk of the world during the past hours, achieving millions of subscriptions.

“Wait for our improvements”

The Tesla owner broke his silence and announced that his team was working on new improvements to improve the performance of his platform.

This came after Musk responded via his Twitter account, Saturday morning, to a tweet about whether the new Meta application threatens Twitter, saying: The Threads application is just Instagram without pictures, which is meaningless, given that the pictures are the reason. The main reason for people to use this app,” he said.

Musk also asked, “How many times have I read comments on Instagram photos? I wish there were more?”, adding, “Personally, I never read them.”

Likewise, he said, commenting on a tweet about illegal data sharing, “With the exception of the Twitter platform, the major social media companies gladly share under heavy scrutiny.”

“Imagine if all social media were under the thumb of Mark Zuckerberg – the owner of Meta -.”

More than 100 countries

It is noteworthy that the blue bird, on Thursday evening, publicly threatened Mita, to sue it because of its new application.

The number of Threads users has increased dramatically since its launch due to its dependence on the Instagram platform, while observers believe that the application will pose a real threat to Twitter.

World celebrities joined him.. The demand for “Threads”, the killer of Twitter, exceeded expectations

While Threads is now available in more than 100 countries, but not in the European Union, where regulatory concerns prevail that will delay its launch and subject Meta to the new Digital Markets Act that imposes strict rules on major internet companies in the European Union.

One of those rules restricts the transfer of personal data between different products, as will be the case between Instagram and Threads, and Zuckerberg was previously caught by European regulatory bodies doing so when he bought WhatsApp.

It is noteworthy that with the launch of “Meta” for the “Threads” application, the controversy over the “Meta imitation machine” has returned, according to the “Axios” website.

The report considered that “Threads” is a renewed attempt by Meta to “clone other applications.”

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