Biden is concerned, and Zelensky is satisfied.. International criticism of Ukraine’s handing over cluster munitions

Despite all the American reassurances about Washington’s recent decision Ukraine delivered cluster bombs In its war with Russia, however, the decision did not go unnoticed.

The move was criticized by international organizations, as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, expressed his desire not to see these weapons used on the ground.

International criticism

His spokesman said he did not want cluster munitions to be used continuously on the battlefield.

In turn, Human Rights Watch saw that the transfer of these weapons to Ukraine would inevitably cause long-term suffering for civilians.

And Amnesty International considered that the Biden administration must realize that any decision that allows the widespread use of cluster bombs in this war will lead to one expected result: the additional killing of civilians.

She added that cluster munitions are an indiscriminate weapon that poses a great danger to the lives of civilians even long after the end of the conflict, stressing that their use “does not comply with international law.”

Biden: A difficult decision, and Zelensky thanks

However, the reaction was expected from the Americans. After the decision was issued, the US Department of Defense made it clear that the US move had met with resistance from allies who did not accept it.

While US President Joe Biden confirmed, in an interview with CNN, that taking it was “very difficult” at a time when Kiev forces were struggling to advance in the field in a counterattack launched a month ago to restore Russian-controlled lands in eastern and southern Ukraine.

However, Washington was reassured by obtaining guarantees from Kiev that these weapons, which have been banned by several countries, will not be used against civilians.

While the White House confirmed that supplying Ukraine with these bombs is the “right thing”.

The failure rate does not exceed 2.35%. Washington decides to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that his country is in dire need of this new military assistance.

He believed that strengthening Ukraine’s defense capabilities would provide new tools to lift the occupation of its land and bring peace closer, as he put it.

$800 million

It is noteworthy that the cluster munitions will be included in a new military aid package to Ukraine worth $800 million, which raises the total military aid provided by Washington to Kiev since the start of the Russian invasion to more than $41 billion.

Kiev’s plan has become exposed.. and Ukraine blames the West

Washington has led Western efforts to supply weapons to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022.

While the Pentagon explained that the new assistance includes “conventional munitions improved for dual use,” that is, cluster bombs.

The assistance includes armored vehicles, artillery ammunition, anti-tank weapons and more.

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