He lost her soul in greed for the money of orphans.. Execution of the murderer of “Our Lady of Goodness” in Egypt

About 8 months after the incident, an Egyptian court unanimously ruled the death penalty for the accused of killing Mrs. Suhair Al-Ansari, known in the media as “Good ladyIn Damanhur, Buhaira Governorate, after seeking the opinion of the Grand Mufti of Egypt.

The facts of the case go back to last December 24, when the accused was delivering the victim to give some alms to the orphans, and on the way he assaulted and killed her and dumped her body on the road behind Damanhour University after stealing her jewelry and alms money, despite the fact that he used to deliver it for a year during which she was helping and sympathizing with him. .

The Public Prosecution charged the accused, Muhammad Aladdin Al-Maghribi, with premeditated murder charges for the victim with the aim of seizing the money she collected for distribution to the poor, and that he stopped the car he was driving on the side of the road and stole the amount of money in her possession, her gold jewelry and her mobile phone, and obtaining two tools that he used in assaulting the victim. the victim.

dead body on the road

The director of Buhaira Security had received a notification that the body of Suhair al-Ansari, a pensioner employee, who was working in social affairs, had been found with bruises and separate abrasions on a road in Damanhour, behind the Damanhur University building in Buhaira Governorate.

The accused admitted during the investigations that he used to accompany the deceased to deliver her to perform some charitable work and help the needy, and that she took with him an angel car that he was driving to deliver her to one of the charitable societies that frequented her to distribute alms money, and while she was going to distribute some alms to the needy, he stopped the car claiming that someone was waiting to give him spare parts for the car. He neglected her and hit her with an iron stick on her head, which led to her death and seized her belongings, and threw her body on a road near Damanhour University in Al-Buhaira Governorate.

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