SDF denies the participation of its members in the Ukraine war

Today, Saturday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) denied the participation of its members in the war in Ukraine.

In the statement published by its media center, the “SDF” considered the news published by some media outlets about the “supposed participation” of its members in the war in Ukraine as “infiltrated”.

“fake news”

She added, “We affirm that this news is false and has no basis in reality. These alleged moves are not in line with the national priorities of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the struggle within the Syrian territories to protect the region and its population, and our forces are not interested in other issues outside Syria.”

Transferring 650 militants to Ukraine

Yesterday, Friday, the Russian news agency Sputnik quoted “private sources” as saying that the United States had transferred about 650 militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) allied with it in eastern Syria to Ukraine.

She added that the transfer of militants to Ukraine took place via the Kurdistan region of Iraq on private planes and in batches over the past six months, before they were pushed into the fighting fronts against the Russian forces.

Training centers

It also added that the US forces in Syria opened a number of training centers in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor and Hasakah governorates to train those enrolled in these camps on various types of light and medium weapons, before transferring them to the Ukrainian fronts.

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