Threatening the Twitter throne.. Here are the most important features coming to Threads

With great interest, the head of the Instagram platform, Adam Mosseri, announced the most important new features coming to the application Threads.

Mosseri published, through his account in Threads, a number of publications and comments to interact with users of the application, revealing the most important features that will be launched soon and providing justifications for the absence of some features so far, according to the Arab portal for technical news.

Additional benefits in the future

He also added that in the future, features such as the ability to edit posts, activate hashtags, move between multiple accounts, see posts from accounts that users follow only, and improve search will be available in the future.

He also added that the developers of the application are already working on other features such as the “Trends” section, a version for the browser (desktop), the integration of the animation service, the ability to tag people in photos and videos, the translation feature within the application, and direct participation from the Instagram application. .

However, he did not refer to any specific time plan for the launch of these features, but Meta launched a “Beta” experimental program for the application for Android users in order to allow the experience of new features in the application before providing them to all users.

The growing number of users

It is mentioned that most of the aforementioned features and options are already present in the Twitter application.

Meta Corporation had previously announced that the application Threads It will support the ActivityPub protocol, which will make the app compatible with other publishing platforms like WordPress and Mastodon, and will also allow publishers to take their followers and content with them if they decide to leave Threads.

The number of Threads users has increased dramatically since its launch due to its dependence on the Instagram platform, while observers believe that the application will pose a real threat to Twitter.

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