We pledged not to use cluster munitions except on our lands

After the decision of the United States Send cluster bombs To Kiev, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov pledged not to use these munitions on Russian territory, welcoming the American decision.

He said that the ammunition will contribute to saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers, adding that Ukraine will be strictly committed to recording its use of ammunition and exchanging information with its partners.

“Our position is simple, we need to liberate our lands and save the lives of our people,” Reznikov wrote on Twitter. “Ukraine will use these munitions only to liberate our internationally recognized lands. These munitions will not be used on officially recognized Russian lands.”

Reznikov said the army would not use cluster munitions in urban areas and would only use them to “penetrate the enemy’s defences”.

Very difficult decision

On Friday, the United States announced that it would provide Ukraine with widely banned cluster bombs to use in its counterattack against Russian forces.

The US Department of Defense also made it clear that the US move met with resistance from allies who did not accept it.

While US President Joe Biden confirmed, in an interview with CNN, that taking it was “very difficult” at a time when Kiev forces are struggling to advance in the field in a counterattack launched a month ago to restore Russian-controlled lands in eastern and southern Ukraine.

However, Washington was reassured that it had obtained guarantees from Kiev that these weapons, which were banned by several countries, would not be used against civilians, stressing that supplying Ukraine with these bombs was “right”.

More than 100 countries ban the use of cluster munitions. Cluster munitions usually release a large number of small bombs to kill people over a large area indiscriminately, threatening the lives of civilians. Unexploded bomblets pose a danger that will last for years after a conflict ends.

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