3 wanted men were killed, two of whom escaped from prison

The Jordanian General Security confirmed the killing of 3 dangerous wanted persons convicted of terrorism cases in an armed clash with a special security force, of whom two escaped from a reform and rehabilitation center a few days ago.

The media spokesman for the Jordanian Public Security Directorate, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, said that a special security force raided the location of three wanted terrorists, near the southeastern border strip of the Kingdom, including two people who fled from inside a reform and rehabilitation center a few days ago, and a third is one of the main wanted persons in the Husseiniya cell. And the martyrdom of Brigadier General Abd al-Razzaq al-Dalabih, and several other requests against him in other terrorist cases, and the brother of one of the fleeing inmates. The rules of engagement were applied with them after they fired heavy bullets at the force, which led to the killing of the three wanted men.

Locate the fleeing

In the details, the media spokesman confirmed that a few days ago, two convicted inmates managed to escape from a reform and rehabilitation center and went into hiding, as joint investigation teams were immediately formed from the various concerned departments to collect information about them and determine their hiding place and apprehend them.

The media spokesman indicated that the investigation teams worked over continuous days to monitor and follow up the wanted fugitives according to a tight security plan for research and monitoring, and raided several locations where they might be present, as all these investigations led to determining the method of their disappearance from sight by using a stolen vehicle and moving it constantly within desert areas. Unpopulated in the southeast of the Kingdom.

And the media spokesman added that yesterday their point of presence was located hundreds of meters from the southeastern border strip of the Kingdom in a very rugged area, as a special security force trained to deal with these difficult conditions was equipped and the team deployed in the vicinity of the area on foot, and began combing it in search of them after That they left the chariot and hid in the desert.

The investigation is still ongoing

The media spokesman confirmed that the security force surrounded the people after chasing and reaching them, and applied the rules of engagement with them, after they fired heavy bullets at the force from automatic firearms they had, which led to their death. The automatic weapons they used to resist the force, pointing out that the identity of the three wanted persons was confirmed by technical and laboratory methods and examinations, and their bodies were shown to their relatives who recognized them.

The media spokesman also confirmed that the investigation committee formed by the incident of the escape of the two inmates from a reform and rehabilitation center is still continuing its investigations to hold accountable all those who prove their negligence or negligence in the incident.

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