Because of Wagner.. More than a thousand Polish soldiers to the border

Amid growing concern in the NATO member state that the presence of fighters Wagner Group In Belarus, to increase tension on its borders, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced that his country had begun to transfer more than a thousand soldiers to its eastern borders, on Saturday.

In detail, Blaszczak wrote on Twitter, revealing that more than a thousand soldiers and about 200 units of materiel from the 12th and 17th mechanized brigades began moving to the east of the country.

Hundreds of soldiers to the border

He also saw this as indicative of Poland’s willingness to respond to attempts at destabilization near its borders.

He added that this decision came after his country confirmed, last Sunday, that it would send 500 policemen to enhance security on its borders with Belarus.

Experts: The fate of “Wagner” is still mysterious

These developments came after Russian President Vladimir Putin granted the fighters of the Wagner Group, headed by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the freedom to move to Belarus after the failed rebellion attempt that took place last month in his country.

This decision caused the members of the Eastern Alliance to fear that their presence would exacerbate instability in the region.

Big concerns

It is noteworthy that Poland has seen an increase in the number of migrants trying to cross its border with Belarus in recent weeks.

Polish border guards said more than 200 people tried to cross illegally last Friday, including citizens from Morocco, India and Ethiopia.

In addition, Poland accuses Belarus of creating an artificial migrant crisis across the border between them since 2021 by transporting people from the Middle East and Africa and trying to push them across the border.

Badzrah, a senior commander in the Wagner Group announced on Saturday that a group of mercenaries affiliated with Wagner are actually preparing to move to Belarus.

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