Cluster munitions will change the game in Ukraine

Michael McCaul, chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, announced Sunday that he sees nothing wrong with President Joe Biden’s controversial decision to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions in the face of the Russian attack.

“They want to use these means of self-defense against the Russians in their own country, Ukraine,” McCaul said in an interview with “CNN”. In sending weapons that will change the rules of the game.”

Projection of a march in the sky of Kiev near the presidential palace

On Friday, the US administration announced plans to supply Ukraine with the long-awaited weapons.

Cluster munitions are designed to spread many small fragments over a wide area, and are banned by more than 100 countries, due to the risks the explosives pose to civilians. Biden defended the decision, saying Ukrainians “need it”.

“I’m really glad the administration finally agreed to this step,” said McCaul, who has criticized the pace of aid the Biden administration is sending to Ukraine.

McCall indicated that the United States and Ukraine did not sign the Geneva Convention on cluster munitions, and that Russia dropped cluster bombs on Kiev with impunity.

He continued, “All that the Ukrainians and President Vladimir Zelensky are asking is to give them the same weapons that the Russians are using against them, to use them against Russian elements in their country, not inside Russia.”

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