Immigrants receive humane treatment contrary to what the “colonial circles” promote

Tunisian President Kais Said said that immigrants receive humane treatment, contrary to what the “colonial circles” promote, as he put it.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic, issued late on Saturday evening, stated that Saeed touched, in a meeting with Prime Minister Naglaa Ramadan Boden, on the issue of irregular immigration and the humane treatment that these immigrants receive, stemming from our values ​​and our likes, contrary to what the colonial circles and their agents promote. Of those who only care about serving these circles.”

He added, “There is no evidence of that from the fact that their positions are the same as those of the frenzied trumpets abroad that pave the way for a new type of settlement, falsifying facts and spreading lies.”

Some bodies and human rights organizations have criticized the Tunisian authorities’ handling of the crisis of irregular migrants, who flocked in huge numbers to Tunisia hoping to cross into European territory.

Saeed confirmed that the Tunisian security forces protected those who came to Tunisia and wanted to settle there, contrary to what is rumored.

He said that there are “disclosed plans known not long ago.”

He added, “These immigrants, who are in fact displaced, have not taken Tunisia as their destination except because the road has been paved for them by criminal networks that target countries and people.”

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