“Justice for Nael”… Thousands of demonstrators gather in France, despite the ban

The anger page did not involve in France Days have passed since the death of the young man, Nael, by a policeman’s bullet during a traffic check, in an incident that sparked nightly riots throughout the country.

On Saturday, at least two thousand people gathered in Paris to protest against police violence, while others moved in several French cities to express “sadness and anger.”

“Justice for Nael”

In Paris, demonstrators gathered on Saturday afternoon, despite an order from the police to prevent the holding of what it considered “an unannounced gathering that risks disturbing public order.”

The security forces also asked people to disperse, and some stampede occurred, while demonstrators chanted “Justice for Nael,” according to correspondents at the scene.

Most of the protesters then left by 16:30 (14:30 GMT).

A number of journalists on social networks denounced the police’s violent response to them while they were covering the arrest of the young men, and attached their statements with pictures.

Another 5,900 demonstrators

While 5,900 people demonstrated across the country, according to the Ministry of Interior.

On Saturday night, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne promised to go to great lengths to protect the French during the July 14 national holiday.

It also announced a ban on the sale of fireworks to individuals, which rioters sometimes target police with, in order to prevent further violence next weekend.

It is noteworthy that violent protests erupted in Paris and French cities after the killing of a teenager named Nael, 17, by a traffic policeman.

The total losses resulting from the riots and protests in France amounted to about 55 million euros.

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