Kiev admits responsibility for the attack on the Crimean bridge

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister, Anna Malyar, announced that Ukraine had attacked Crimea Bridge In October last year. Maliar wrote on her channel on “Telegram” about the results of 500 days of the special Russian military operation for the Kiev regime: “273 days since the first strike on the Crimean bridge to disrupt the logistics of the Russians.”

On May 27, the head of the Ukrainian Security Service, Vasily Malyuk, indirectly acknowledged the responsibility of the Ukrainian security services for the attack on the Crimean bridge.

It is worth noting that on the morning of October 8, 2022, a truck explosion occurred in the traffic section of the Crimean Bridge, causing 7 fuel tanks to ignite in a train heading towards the peninsula, and the accident resulted in the death of four people.

Subsequently, rail traffic was restored on the Crimean Bridge, and vehicle traffic was resumed on the bridge in both directions. The head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, described the incident as a terrorist attack, pointing to the involvement of the Ukrainian security services in it.

It is noteworthy that this 19-kilometer-long vehicle and railway bridge, a project of great prestige inaugurated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018, carries great logistical importance for the Russian forces, as supplies pass through it to the teams fighting in southern Ukraine.

The explosion caused the destruction of part of the bridge, which led to a temporary halt to traffic. It also destroyed several wagons on a fuel train heading towards the peninsula.

But Russia responded violently later, launching hundreds of missile strikes that hit infrastructure in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

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